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Committed to Customer Service

We consider ourselves a little old-fashioned, but that just ensures that if you want something done quickly, we will go out of our way to do everything we can to assist. The complete satisfaction of our customers is central to our philosophy as an insurance agency! From practical and accurate information about your insurance policy to personal service and the opportunity to work with a dedicated agent who works for your individual interests, we believe it is our responsibility to provide you with the best service and best coverage at the best price out there.

As a full-service insurance company, our duty is not to the insurance companies we work with, but to our clients alone. We are dedicated to providing superior insurance coverage options from property to liability, from health to life. With our high-quality insurance products and the expertise of our insurance agents, you will receive the peace-of-mind you can only experience by choosing a reputable insurance company.

We choose to provide customer-oriented service every day

If you are from West Chester or Philadelphia areas, start working with an agent who understands your interests and unique needs. Call Ferullo Insurance Agencies LLC at 610-431-4005 today!


Creating Lasting Relationships

When you begin working with our agents, finding the right policy is only the beginning. With each of our clients, we strive to become your insurance agent for life. We do everything we can to ensure that our clients will remain our clients for years to come, and we see our customers recommend us to their friends as well. Whether you need to make a policy change, have a question about billing, or need to report a claim, we put our clients first and will handle your request professionally and quickly.